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Base Camp


Pre-Order now!!  Arriving  late November!! our best selling BASECAMP is available for pre-order, with new features including: New multipurpose wall ports for wires heaters or AC units Wire management for your wired lighting...


  • Stealth Black
  • Storm Gray
  • Olive Drab Green


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  • Weather Pack
  • Tough Bag
  • Weather Pack & Tough Bag
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Pre-Order now!!  Arriving  late November!! our best selling BASECAMP is available for pre-order, with new features including:

  • New multipurpose wall ports for wires heaters or AC units
  • Wire management for your wired lighting needs
  • Upgraded and reinforced corners to ensure your basecamp is bulletproof
  • Coming soon, a whole bunch of accessories to really deck out your Basecamp!
  • AND A NEW COLOR - Olive Drab Green

A true all season tent - The Base Camp sets up in a minute.  It has a new interior height of 6'9" and most importantly, packs down to 4'11" and weighs 59lbs. It was designed to fit inside of your Jeep, SUV, or the bed of a short-bed truck.

Key features of the basecamp:

  • Triple-layer insulation that keeps the heat in during the cold months and the heat out during the hot ones, it is also water-resistant and when staked down properly, wind-resistant.
  • Setup takes minutes with its tension beam internal structure and breakdown is just as easy.
  • Un-zip floor is included to make cleaning easier and faster.
  • Includes screw stakes for the toughest of terrains.
  • Includes a tote bag for easy transport.
  • 94 sq/ft of interior room can fit up to 6 adults on the floor, four cots with gear, or a queen sized mattress 


Some of the new features we have added:

  • A new interior height of 6’9” while still packing down to 4’11”
  • Adding the choice of Black, Gray, and Green for the exterior color of the tent
  • A thicker, more durable floor
  • All YKK high quality zippers
  • Bug-mesh on the doors
  • Windows that you can now fully remove the clear and mesh panels, if you choose
  • Sealable roof vents
  • Option of a Weather Pack (footprint and a rainfly)
  • Upgraded exterior material - using the MOST waterproof insulated material available

The Base Camp is ideal for when finding that perfect campsite but still want to take your vehicle out to explore. No need to breakdown so you can save that perfect spot and still enjoy your whole day in the wilderness. 

Make our Base Camp your home away from home.


Note: The Tough Bag and Weather Pack (Rainfly & Footprint) is an optional upgrade.



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
a displaced Scottsman
Exceeded my expectation

My large family and I received the hub tent alone last winter. The other parts were on back order. The kids and I camped out in the back yard when temperatures dropped into the 40’s. Well we all had 0 degree sleeping bags and everyone was mildly cold, cold enough so as no to get a good night sleep. Then I ordered a diesel heater and our problem was solved. Be prepared for significant condensation with the windows and doors are all zipped up when you’re sleeping 4-5 people. All bits of knickers and the such left inside of the tent will be a wee bit damp in the morning. If you need to pack up the tent on a high condensation morning, when you get home open the tent up again and possible spray it down with something to kill fungus and bacteria. If you don’t, the next time you use the tent I’tl smell a wee bit of mildew. If it’s a wee bit chilly you’ll be smelling the mildew all night long and wondering if you’ll be around to hug the necks of the wee lil bobbies in the morning. You might consider a few extra drams to get you over the oder. We recently received the mat that goes underhint the tent. The matt itself has a nice shape, but it appears to be made of a cheap tarp material. Woundtee have been awesome had the ground matt been thick with a rubbery consistency to prevent sharp rocks from poking through into the walking portion of this tent. The rain fly on the tent seems to be a bit of alright. We’ll see if it can handle a few nights out on the Isle of Skye in February.

Even with all this said, I love the tent and love to spend the night inside. May I recommend the EXPED mattress, you’ll narrya use another. Make sure you get a good diesel heater (8kw) which can heat two locations simultaneously. After taking the tent up and down several times now, I’d say I’ve got it down to just a few minutes. She’s a heavy beastie even for a strapping bloke like myself. But if you’re buying a ground tent this large, you’ll probably be camping with many others who can get off their kilts and give a brotha a hand. After 10+ deployments narry a problems has presented. Make sure and order with the large leather bag, you’ll be glad you did and you can store your wee Tartan scarfs and blankets for those nights when you teeth start a chattering.

Recommendation: I would love to use this tent at the beach. Cound you incorprorate sand bags as an option to hold down the tent in high winds. Would I buy this hub tent again, well only on a day that ends in a “Y.” God Bless you Overlandish!

Greg Monera
Great tent.

Love the the easy setup/breakdown. Very well ventilated and roomy.

Setup: Queen size mattress, AC/solar generator/Frigidaire.

Does well is heat.

Most of all, customer service is top notch. Can’t ask for more.

Can’t wait to test this out as a hunting blind.

Kirill Ziuzin

Base Camp

Changed from a rooftop to the base camp

I am a longtime rooftop tent user, I also own a Gazelle t4 hub. I recently saw the V2 basecamp perform in the desert in 60-70MPH winds. After seeing it I was a believer. I recently bought the Basecamp V2 and cannot be more satisfied. This thing performs great in the wind, compared to my rooftop which is always making noise. I also love the space. My RTT was big but it does not compare to this. After running this for a couple weeks already on a few trips, I am selling my RTT. The setup time on this is FAST and you really can't beat the HUGE interior size. The material blows away the Gazelle. It is like comparing a t-shirt to a thick sweater. At first glance the material like it is stitched, but it is not. Holds up great in wet weather and stays warm at night, and cool in the heat due to the insulation. You guys did a great job on this tent. I bought this over a new ikapmer and am happily selling my RTT. I would do this over the Gazelle and Shiftpod any day of the week.

First Impressions!

Just received my tent this week. Haven't camped on it yet but so far I'm very impressed. Super easy to setup, it fits my whole family (something I couldn't do on my camper), very light for a four seasons family size tent that sets in less than a minute, it fits my short bed truck when packed (something no other competitor can claim), etc. etc. Purchasing was easy and all my questions were answered very quickly. Will report back after first camp.

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